Saturday, 20 February 2016

The Crazy House, Da Lat

If you're ever thinking of visiting Da Lat in Vietnam, 'The Crazy House' is a must see on your checklist of places to go to.

Arriving in Da Lat around midday, we dumped our bags in our room and quickly headed out to grab some street food and start our sightseeing of the city. We originally knew nothing about The Crazy House and it was only until a girl we met in Nha Trang mentioned it to us that we realised we should probably check it out. So that was that, off we went. Now if you've ever been to Barcelona youll recognise similarities to Gaudi's artwork - it's all very bizarre! But so so cool. 

The place itself isn't huge, but the concept is that you follow all the different twists and turns of the paths and stairs around little coves and tunnels that lead you to the main attraction in the centre. The really bizarre part though is that in the centre is a wacky house (that you climb over... Yes you heard that right) that the woman who created the place still lives in. There's also hotel rooms hidden inside the tunnels which you find yourself coming across which all have a different country or animal-related theme. Good luck if you decide to stay there though, you'll be lost every 5 minutes trying to find your room! It's like a maze.

When you've climbed to the top of the house you get such an amazing view over the city of Da Lat. But I'll warn you, if you're not great with heights... Do not look down! You're pretty high up. 

After wandering and climbing around the place for a good 45 minutes, we found ourselves finishing up in a pretty garden area where you could buy food and drinks and chill out for a little bit. We each grabbed a mango and passion fruit smoothie and sat ourselves down on toadstools to drink them. It's so relaxing and you'll literally want to take a picture of everything.

That last photo, that's one of the hotel rooms hidden inside the rock that you get to by one of the hidden tunnels. We're so so glad we were told about this place as we all came out having had the best time ever - it was so much fun! As well as being very Gaudi themed, if you've been to the Islands of Adventure theme park in Florida you'll notice it has its similarities to that too. 

It was fairly cheap to get in (around the £2 mark) and is located within walking distance from anywhere in the city. It was such a different and fun way to start our visit in Da Lat so as I've said at the beginning, if Da Lat is on your list of places to go, The Crazy House has to be too. 

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