Saturday, 6 February 2016

The Buddah Park, Vientiane

How many Buddhas can you see in a day? Well on this particular day, I think we saw them all.

After leaving a day early from Vang Vieng to escape the miserable wet weather, we headed to our final destination in Laos - Vientiane. And what better way to get into the culture than to visit a Buddah park. Back into the normality of our shorts and T-shirts, we jumped in a tuk-tuk and drove 45 minutes out of the main city to the park. We arrived, bought our tickets then were left to our own devices to wander around the place looking at all the different sculptures. Be warned, it's not the biggest of places, but it was so cool to see. There's literally every type of Buddah you can imagine! 

We climbed to the very top of one of the large sculptures and got an amazing view over the whole park. Like Bangkok, there's a huge reclining Buddah which is around 30 metres long and was, for me anyway, the showstopper. We then carried on our tour around the rest of the statues.

We only spent around an hour here in the end (yes, it really is that small) but we had such a great time and a lot of laughs. We've loved visiting all the different temples on our travels so far and seeing the gold Buddhas inside, but it was really interesting and different to see them in a different light at this park. Although it is a little bit of a drive outside of the main city of Vientiane, I'd definitely recommend paying a visit if you get the chance. There's a very small entrance fee of 30,000 Dong (equivalent to 84p) and it's well worth it - we had a great day.

- Do barter with the tuk-tuk driver before getting him to take you. He'll give you a random high number first, but we managed to get him right down.
- Try and go in a group. It'll make your tuk-tuk fare cheaper by splitting it by a few of you. 
- Take food/snacks/a drink with you. The stall there is very expensive, as are the souvenirs.

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