Monday, 22 February 2016

Five Days In Paradise, Mui Ne

After 8 weeks of non-stop travelling, living in and out of hostels and being hit now and then by rain - we thought it was only right to treat ourselves to a little bit of luxury. 

Our next stop in Vietnam was the beautiful coastal town of Mui Ne, so for a mere £4 a night, how could we not say yes to staying in this little beauty? I've been travelling for almost 2 months now (only 1 to go!) and I've learnt so much already.

I'll be the first to admit it and say that before this trip I was one of those people who thought backpacking was a breeze and basically just a 3 month holiday. Which in a way yes, it is. But at the same time it's the hardest thing ever. It's only when you get out here do you realise just how draining it is to live out of a small backpack and constantly be thinking of what to wear and how many clean pairs of underwear you have left before needing to sort a wash. Not only this, but getting from A to B. You constantly have to plan your next move, book hostels, book busses, book trains, sort your visas, manage your cash, plan your next route, ration your toiletries, deal with missing your friends and family back home. The list goes on and on. But after all this, it's still so so worth it and I'm honestly having the time of my life.

Around a week ago, we hit our first brick wall and seriously needed to relax and re-fuel after constantly being on the move for the last 8 weeks. Yep I'm having he best time ever and still pinch myself with how lucky I am that all this is happening but it really does get tiring - especially when you're sharing your room with 8 other people coming and going at different times of the night. So Mui Ne's 'Hidden Hills Budget Hotel' was the perfect place to relax.

For the last 4/5 days we've done absolutely nothing but chill, sunbathe, read our kindles, eat the best food and drink the best smoothies. We've hardly even left the hotel and it's been absolutely bliss! It has everything you need here and having been in and out of some nice (some grotty) hostels over the last few weeks, we genuinely felt like we were in paradise. I'm writing this as I'm packed in on a sleeper bus on my way to Hoh Chi Minh city and I'm missing it so so much already.

It was honestly just what we needed and we couldn't have found a better place! So if you're ever doing the same typical South East Asia route as me, 100% book a few nights in this little gem. You won't regret it! 

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