Sunday, 21 February 2016

Pedalo Fun and Cable Cars, Da Lat

Our next day in Da Lat consisted of being big kids - and by that I mean hiring a pedalo and riding through the mountains on a cable car. 

We saw the pedalo on the lake when we arrived the day before and immediately knew we just had to do it. I haven't been on one since I was a kid so it was so much fun to do. I got lucky though and sat in the middle so didn't have to do any work other than steer... Winner winner. So we spent a good while just cruising around the lake with the sun shining above us and having a chat between us, very chilled. 

After this, we walked for what felt like hours to the cable cars which we were told were 'not far'. An hour and a half later in the blazing heat... We finally arrived. So there's a tip for you, if you're going to do the cable cars GET A TAXI. We got one back and our legs thanked us for it. It doesn't look far on the map, but trust me it is. And Da Lat is a very hilly place...

The views were absolutely incredible. We hopped on the cable cars not really knowing where we'd end up, but it turned out you go over the mountains to the prettiest temple I've seen so far on this trip. 

Unfortunately we weren't covered up enough to actually go inside the temple itself as we were in shorts and vest tops, so instead wandered around taking photos and looking at the scenery.

We bought the return ticket, so when we were finished at the temple we hopped back onto the cable car and headed home to the city. Again, a must do in Da Lat! 

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