Friday, 8 April 2016

Kerastraight: 4 Months On

It's been almost 4 months since I mark the day Kerastraight was brought into my life. And what a life changing 4 months they have been so far. If you have naturally wavy, curly or un-manageable hair, or even if you're simply considering getting Kerastraight - then this post is just for you.

I originally did a blog post back in December (that you can see here) giving my views on a recent treatment I'd had done to my hair - Kerastraight. Claiming to transform, manage and make your hair frizz free, I can honestly say 4 months down the line that it does exactly what it says on the tin. Never have I been so impressed by a hair product, and trust me, it takes a lot to impress me when it comes to my hair.

The above photo is my hair in it's new, natural state. To achieve this look, all I do is simply wash my hair and dry it with the hairdryer whilst brushing it simultaneously with a large paddle brush. THAT'S IT. THAT'S ALL I DO. Can you believe it?! Because I couldn't. I was honestly amazed the first time I did this after the treatment and almost 4 months on, it's still drying in the exact same way. I also apply my TRESemmé heat defence styling spray onto damp hair before taking to the hairdryer to make sure it's protected from the heat. Although I wanted to get Kerastraight to manage my hair overall, I mainly wanted to get it to fight the humidity and many days of sun during my trip around Asia. On holiday a drop of humidity usually makes my hair spring up, but with Kerastraight I couldn't believe the difference. No frizz, no puffing up and no humiliation - it really is a lifesaver.

So here's the answers to the main questions I've been getting:

Does It Damage Your Hair? - The answer is very simply here, no. My hair has never felt or looked healthier. The product has even added that extra little bit of shine which had disappeared in the months leading up to getting it. I've been in the sun for the last 3 months whilst travelling around Asia, and even the sun there doesn't seem to have effected it. It feels, looks and is silky smooth.

Would I Get It Again? - 100% yes. Having dealt with my hair as it was for the last 22 years, I feel like I have finally found the product that I have been looking for and that has changed everything. All I ask myself now is why didn't I get it sooner?!

How Long Does It Last? - On the official Kerastraight website it says around 4 months. However, when I had mine done in my local salon I was told 6-8 months, and 4 months down the line it doesn't seem to be slowing down. Basically the product grows out along with your hair. So if you hair grows quick, then I guess the product will last that little bit shorter. However my hair grows painfully slow so I'm probably going to get to the 8 month mark before booking myself in for a new appointment. Although it is fairly expensive, it really is worth every penny.

I used to have curly, frizzy and basically hands down unmanageable hair. I'd dread having to wash it each time in the shower because I knew I had to dry, straighten and then style it for at least 45 minutes afterwards. And don't even get me started on what I'd look like if I let it dry naturally. So making the decision to get Kerastraight was pretty much the best decision I've ever made.

If you're looking at splurging a little bit on a treatment that really does change that way your hair looks, feels and styles, then I really can't recommend this product enough. I've raved about it to so many people and it truly has changed the way my hair is now managed. Instead of taking 45 minutes to style, it now takes 10. To me, that is a dream come true and one that I can't thank Kerastraight for enough.

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