Sunday, 22 May 2016

I'm KeraStraight's #4 Blogger & Reviewer of 2015!

Guess who's KeraStraight's number 4 blogger and reviewer of 2015?! Eeeeeeeek.

As all of you know who are readers of my blog, I am a HUGE fan of the brand KeraStraight and their amazing hair straightening product. I've raved about it twice before and wrote far too lengthy posts all about my experiences and frequently asked Q&A's (it's just that good I seriously ramble on). So it's lovely to see that they have awarded me with the #4 position out of their 2015 'Incredible KeraStraight Reviews'. As a fairly new newbie to the blogging industry, it's such a great feeling to have some recognition and an online feature by such a huge beauty brand.

So a massive thanks to all the team at KeraStraight, love from SheWhoDoes!

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