Monday, 14 March 2016

Beach Huts & Coconuts, Otres Beach Cambodia

Goodbye Vietnam, hello Cambodia. 

As much as we loved the hustle and bustle of Vietnam, we also knew that at some point it very sadly had to come to an end. Almost 2 months into our 3 month trip, it was time to move onto the next country on our agenda - Cambodia. And what a beautiful place we chose to begin it in. Actually no, that's a lie... We began our trip in Phnom Penh visiting the infamous Killing Fields and Genocide Museum. However, we were all far too moved by it and it really wasn't the time or place to take photos so Otres Beach is the first blog post you get to see on my Cambodian adventure.

Excited to start a week of doing nothing but lying on the beach, drinking coconuts and reading our kindles, we rocked up and checked into the fabulous Sea Garden Bungalows. Sadly one of the downsides to staying on Otres Beach is that many of the little resorts can't be booked online, so you pretty much just have to turn up with your backpack and hope for the best. But don't worry if you can't get in the one you want, there's so many all along the beach right next to each other. So you'll definitely find yourself in somewhere!

Sea Garden was almost full when we arrived, but we got lucky and grabbed the last private room and single bed in the 12 bed dorm. Everything in Cambodia is paid for in US Dollars, so for around $4 a night we couldn't turn it down could we? All the buildings here are little wooden huts right on the beach, with the private rooms on higher little stilts overlooking the sea and sunset, accessed by wooden stairs. It really is stunning.

We spent the next few days just beached up under the hand-made umbrellas soaking up the sun, watching the sunsets and eating the most delicious fresh food. It's safe to say that I drank enough fresh coconuts (for a mere $1.50 may I add) to last me a lifetime.  

Whenever we needed a break from the sun, we simply strolled up and down both ends of the beach bumping into palm trees and horses that you could ride in and out of the waves. There's also many locals walking around selling fresh fruit and seafood for the cheapest prices to keep your stomachs nice and full.

What made our days here even better, is that we met up with a group of friends we'd met in Vietnam so had the best evenings and days just sat around together chatting and catching up. Otres Beach is just a short 10 minute tuk-tuk journey out of the main town of Sihanoukville, and I personally think it well worth a visit if you're in this area. What a lot of backpackers/travellers tend to do is stay in Sihanoukville itself where the nightlife and shops are, but trust me and stay at Otres Beach instead. We went into the town itself for a night out and it only took 10 minutes and a few dollars between us! So we got the best of both worlds.

We all loved just winding down here and relaxing, and pretty much doing nothing else!

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