Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Cruising Down The Mekong Delta, Ho Chi Minh City

Making the most of our time in Ho Chi Minh, we decided to add a trip down the Mekong Delta River to our agenda. 

Again, we booked this through our hostel and were surprised with the treat of having the exact same tour company as we did with the Cù Chi Tunnels. The guides are honestly amazing! They actually make the trip and they know so much about the excursion you really do feel like you're getting your full money's worth. This particular day was a little overcast, but after being in 30+ degree heat for the last 2 months we were thankful for a little bit of cloud and drizzle of rain. 

The coach picked us up bright and early at 8am and took us firstly to a large Buddah Temple where the giant Buddhas were carved out of white marble.

We then carried onto the river itself where we boarded little painted boats and cruised down the water watching the world go by. It was so relaxing ambling through the shrubs on the river bank and we were even given traditional Vietnamese hats to wear for the journey. We looked hilarious!

After sailing through the calm river and feeling very traditionally Vietnamese, we arrived at the bank and walked through the prettiest paths and palm trees to stop for some fresh fruit, live music and homemade honey tea. They had the hives all around the area for us to look at - although no protective clothing was being warn at all. The U.K. would have a fit at their health and safety! But that's just Vietnam for you... 

The trip lasted the full day, 8am - 5pm, and we were well and truly ready for our beds when we got back. We didn't really know much about the Mekong Delta trip until we arrived in South Vietnam and heard other tourists talking about it, so we were so glad we got to do it. It was such a lovely day and was really interesting to see many different aspects of life on the river. For example, the floating food markets, home made coconut toffee, bamboo huts and many fruit farms.

Although I'm slightly scared as the more time I spend in Vietnam the less I want to leave!

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