Sunday, 3 January 2016

Khaosan Road, Bangkok

Our first night in Bangkok was insane. After arriving in the airport at 10pm after a 4 hour flight, of course the first natural thing to do was to hit Khaosan Road.

Being a bit skeptical on whether or not we'd take to Bangkok, we only booked ourselves into the hotel for 2 nights. But as soon as we stepped out onto Khaosan Road we wished we'd of booked longer. It's absolutely crazy! But a good crazy. We've been staying at Buddy Lodge which is on Khaosan road itself but at the top end and again is a perfect location. It's in walking distance to the Grand Palace and the Reclining Buddah as well as being right near the river where you can hop on a river 'taxi' and head further into the city.

I never thought I'd be one to eat the bugs Bangkok is renowned for offering, but after a few drinks on Khaosan Road it suddenly sounded like a great idea.. Not. The only way I can describe it is like eating smoked pork scratchings. It's not actually that bad - but definitely not something I'll be rushing to do again. 

Khaosan Road is that good we ended up out until 3am the first night without even realising it. There's so many bars, clubs, places to eat, sounds, food stalls, clothing/accessory stalls and people it's hard not to love. You'll also never be lonely as it's basically backpacker heaven and you'll find yourself chatting to people all night. It's stupidly cheap, and most bars offer 2-4-1 on all drinks and buckets. You'll also be approached countless times by people wanting to sell you bracelets and insects on a stick, but it's an experience to say the least. 

My experience of Bangkok went downhill from here after being scammed out of £160 the next day (gutted) but I really do wish I'd booked longer here as there's still so much to see I really haven't felt like I've scratched the surface of it! 

- Pack as little in the way of clothing as possible, Khaosan Road has it all. And for stupidly cheap.
- Look around for food, we ate at a few dodgy places to begin with but the good ones are there.
- Be very, VERY wary of people who tell you that the tourist places are closed for that day and that they'll take you on a tour. It's a scam, the tourist places are mostly open all day every day and the (mainly) guys on tuk tuks just want to take you on a not very good tour on their tuk tuk and rip you off.

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